Climbing into a frenzied orgasm

Rates : 19

Sexy brunette Nataly and Anneli kiss softly in their lingerie before climbing into bed. The girls continue kissing, and then Nataly lies back and Anneli removes her top and kisses her way down ot her pussy. Then Nataly removes Anneli’s top and kisses her way down too. She then removes Anneli’s panties and starts eating her pussy. Nataly rapidly flicks her tongue in and out of Anneli’s pussy and up and down her clitoris and labia, eventually driving Anneli into a frenzied orgasm. The girls then kiss passionately, and then Anneli starts eating Nataly’s pussy. She starts out with long, slow, hard strokes with her tongue. Then she inserts two fingers into Nataly and starts working her fingers and tongue faster and faster until Nataly comes. Then the girls kiss once more.