Lesbian Fiction

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Alina and her step-mother, London , are enjoying their morning ritual. As London leaves, Alina grabs her mother’s laptop to finish homework. She uncovers a secret folder filled with erotic stories that London wrote. Alina reads one of them, realizing that it’s a romance between step-mother and step-daughter. And characters are so familiar…It’s Alina and London!

When London arrives, asking about the laptop, she knows the secret’s out. Alina interested in seeing how this story ends… As she leans in for a kiss, London’s fantasy is now the real deal. London is delighted as Alina moves in and sucks her breasts. Things get hot and quickly, and it isn’t long before they’re naked and eagerly eating each other out. Hearing Alina’s moans and gasps, and tasting her sweet pussy, is hotter than anything London ever could’ve penned!