Two sexy roommates behind a closed door

Rates : 1

Angela White is sleeping on her bed. The door flies open as the sexy Gia Derza, her crazy friend, barges in, she has something that she just HAS to show Angela! ‘What? Knock first, Gia!’ Angela exclaims. A week later, Angela is in her house in her panties and bra, nearly finished getting dressed. Her friend bounces in without knocking, again, but sheabruptly stops at the sight of Angela’s big tits nestled in the bra. She stares for a minute too long, looking flustered andentranced. Angela storms forward, exclaiming, ‘AGAIN? Knock first! Get outta here’ Gia gets chased out of the room by Angela, who slams the door in frustration.

The next day, Angela looks excited as she settles onto her bed with her laptop, biting her lip as she stares at the screen whilereaching down under her skirt, lightly rubbing her pussy while she stares at the screen. ‘Hey,Angela, have you seen my water bottl–‘ Gia starts but stops in her tracks, her eyes wide. Angela screams in shock, hurriedly trying to cover herself. Gia shyly but playfully says that it doesn’t seem like Angela needs more timeALONE — frankly, it looks more like she needs some special time with someone else!Angela is surprised, then licks her lips while eyeing Gia. ‘Since you’re always so eager to barge in, maybe I should show youEXACTLY what I do when I get some alone time,’ Angela playfully says as she shows Gia the dildo, licking it sensually.

Angela takesGia’s arm and guides her onto the bed, asking Gia if she’s ever had anything inside her ass. When Gia says that she hasn’t, Angelatells her that she’s going to show her what it feels like, kissing Gia intensely. Gia squeezes Angela’s beautiful breasts, sucking onthem hungrily. Angela strips off Gia’s clothes as Gia gets down on all fours. Face-to-face with Gia’s luscious ass, Angela spanks it asGia squeals. Biting her lip, Angela lowers her face to Gia’s beautiful butthole and begins to rim it softly while Gia moans.Angela’s going to teach Gia how important knocking is, ESPECIALLY knocking on the back door.